The Home of the Sеafarer in Varna brought together the stakeholders in the project for building a pilot artificial island

The Home of the Sеafarer in Varna brought together for the second time representatives of the stakeholders in the project for building a pilot artificial island in Lake Varna – LIFE for Lake Varna on 29.03.2023 (Wednesday). The event was attended by the Governor of Varna Region – Mario Smarkov, representatives of the Varna Municipality, the Marine Administration Varna Directorate; Marine Antipolution Enterprise JSCo, the Navy of the Republic of Bulgaria and project’s eternal monitoring team NEEMO EEIG.

During the meeting, the Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Company presented the results of the investigations performed, in relation to the performance of the project activities. The data, obtained from the environmental and dredging site surveys confirmed the possibility for building the pilot island.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to presenting the draft Ordinance on the definition, sustainable management and control of dredging material developed within the project. The director of the Infrastructure, Harbor Area and Property Directorate at BPI Co. and Project Manager – Eng. Natasha Tseneva presented the latest comments and observations on the draft, made by the competent institutions.

The “Demonstration of a pilot green infrastructure as a win-win solution for biodiversity and development in Lake Varna” – LIFE for Lake Varna project was presented for the first time in the landmark building in Varna on 06.10.2022. The joint initiative by BPI Co. and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) for developing large-scale green infrastructure and creating a home for protected bird species, which will improve the condition of the water ecosystem of Lake Varna, stirred up significant interest among the attendants. The building of the artificial island is a strategic step, sine the General Development Plan of the Varna Municipality makes provisions for the building of 10 new islands in the water areas of Lake Varna and Lake Beloslav, in order to increase green areas around the city, compensating bird habitats that have been destroyed in the past.

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