Bus stops in Varna promote the nature treasures of Varna lake

In November 2023 10 bus stops in Varna promoted the main message of the project Life for Varna lake: the biodiversity of the area is a treasure which we can protect together.

The avocet, common tern, white heron, little ringed plover, pink pelican and the Eurasian spoonbill are only a few of the species which calls the lake their home or a place for rest during their migration. They decorated the bus stops for a two week period and conveyed the message of the project to thousands of citizens and tourists. Partners in the project, the Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure and BPSB, aim to preserve and improve the habitats for the birds in order to ensure the best nesting conditions to them.

This will be done by constructing of the artificial island in the Varna lake. It has a key role in creating safe nesting grounds for the species, living in the lake area.

The island will provide habitats for many bird species such as the common tern, sandwich tern and little tern, little ringed plover and Kentish plover, avocet and black-winged stilt. It will provide a place for rest for the migratory birds during the winter, and for some of the nesting birds in the area, amongst which are the great cormorant, pygmy cormorant, pink and dalmatian pelican. We expect most of the birds to use the island, since there is no other suitable rest spot in the area.

Besides the island, which will be build by the Bulgarian Port Infrastructure, the BSPB will build two wooden platform in the protected area Yatata and in the western part of the Beloslav lake. The island and the platforms will create appropriate nesting conditions for the waterfowls in the spring and summer and a safe place for rest during the wintering and migration.