Little tern (Sternula albifrons)

Length of the body: 21–25. Wingspan: 41–47

The smallest tern. The plumage is white on the lower side and ash-grey on the topside; tips of the wings are black. The head is black with a white forehead. The bill is yellow with a black tip.

Feeds with small fish. Lives in a salt, brackish and freshwater lakes, marshes and the Black Sea coast.

Nests on the ground. It could be seen in the wetland areas near Burgas, lakes Shabla and Durankulak and along the Danube River. Winters in Africa.

Threats: drainage and degradation of the wetlands, construction development of the banks and water bodies, destruction of the nests and hatchlings by the stray dogs.

Conservation status in Bulgaria: threatened.

The species has not been registered in the SPA, but if attracted to breed the average national population could potentially increase by 10% with some 10-15 pairs breeding on the island.

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