Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrines)

Length of the body: 15–17 cm. Wingspan: 50 cm.

Plumage is predominantly grey-brown on the topside of the body, and white on the lower side. Male birs has black streaks on the side of its neck, across the eye and the forehead.

Feeds with insects, small clams and other invertebrates.

Lives in a sandy and stony shores of the salt and brackish lakes, salterns and the seacoast. Nests on the ground. In Bulgaria lives around Atanasovsko lake and Pomorie lake, SPA Poda, Shablenska Tuzla, Durankulak lake. Winters in Southern Europe.

Threats: Construction in the coastal areas and the nearby lakes and rivers; rapid changes in the water levels in salterns, disturbances during the breeding period.

Conservation status in Bulgaria: critically endangered.

We expect up to 20–30 pairs might establish on the island, which will significantly boost the national population.