Little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius

Length of body: 15–18 cm. Wingspan: 32–35 cm.

Black ring around the neck and throat. The forehead is white, with characteristic yellow ring around the eye and entirely black bill.

Feeds with insects and other small invertebrates. Lives in gravel and sand banks of water bodies, incl. the sea coast and gravel pits. Nests on the ground.

In Bulgaria lives along the Black Sea coast and along the big rivers in the lowlands. Winters in Africa.

Threats: urbanization of the seacoast and the river banks, illegal sand and gravel extraction, disturbance during the breeding period, pollution of the water bodies.

It occupies variable suitable breeding habitats and is likely to start breeding on the island and is among the targeted species. We expect 10–20 pairs on the island.

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